Do you enjoy competing and riding different types of horses over show jumps and in dressage tests?

If so, then our competition teams may be for you! If you feel that you can jump 1m and ride a novice dressage test confidently on lots of different horses then consider applying for our BUCS teams. Read on for more information…

Who, What, When, Where, How?

Answers to some of the questions you may have about our teams.

Our Coaches – Dawn Harrison (BHSAI) is our main coach. Teams will alternate between jumping and dressage training every other week. Our training focuses on riders getting the best out of a wide range of horses.

20 riders on 4 teams – Our teams are separated into an A, B, C, and D team, with each team having 5 riders. Each team will compete in 3-4 competitions, and then if they have qualified they may move on to Regional or National competitions.

Every Monday Evening – We practice every Monday evening, driving out in groups of 4 or 5. You must be able to commit to practice every Monday if you wish to join teams.

Tannoch Stables – We are incredibly privileged to use the facilities at Tannoch Stables in Cumbernauld. The stables provides our teams with their fantastic selection of horses and ponies, as well as two indoor and two outdoor arenas.

Costs – Training is £25 per session, with approximately 10 sessions per semester, plus a £45 membership fee which covers your club membership and Sports Union insurance costs for one year. Competitions are free.

Horses from a hat – One of the most exciting parts of teams is that you get to ride and compete on lots of different types of horses and ponies. When we are competing, we pull the horses we will ride from a hat, and get a short time to ride them before starting our course or test.