Everything you need to know about the lessons program on offer to University of Edinburgh students

  • Tower Farm Riding Stables, 85 Liberton Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 6NS

Tower Farm Riding Stables is a beautiful facility less than half an hour from the city centre by car or bus. (See our FAQ’s page for how to get the bus there!) It is an ideal yard for our advanced lessons, which take place at 12pm, our novice lessons at 1pm, and our beginner lessons at 2pm, all on Wednesdays. We also offer Intermediate lessons at 12pm on Mondays. Currently lessons are £25.50, however, prices may change next semester. Contact our lessons coordinator Phoebe Jones if you have any questions at euec_lessons@hotma​il.com​.

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What Level of Riding Are You?

Not sure which level of lessons might suit you best? Read on to find out how we designate riders for each class level.


Want to learn the basics of horse riding?

Beginner lessons are suitable for those have who have never even sat on a horse before! As a beginner you will learn about how to hold the reins and position your leg, how to use your body to communicate effectively with your horse, and how to maintain a stable and confident seat and riding position during different paces. We will look after you and take you through the basics. You will learn how to walk and trot, stop and steer! Beginner lessons take place at 1pm on Wednesdays at Tower Farm.


Want to get better at the trot and try your hand at some cantering?

Novice riders have mastered the basics of riding independently at the walk and trot and might be learning how to rise on the right diagonal, how to sit in a two-point position, or how to trot in circles and serpentines. Riders will also start to learn how to canter on their horses and how to ultimately feel confident riding at all three paces. This would also be ideal if you have ridden before in the past, and want to get back into it. Novice lessons take place at 2pm on Wednesdays at Tower Farm.


Want to improve your skills in trot and canter and learn some more advanced dressage movements, as well as learning to jump?

An Intermediate rider would be comfortable in walk, trot and canter on a well-schooled horse and be learning to ride a small course of jumps. Intermediate lessons will focus on gaining confidence at the canter, and learning some basic dressage movements, such as 20m circles, figures of eight and serpentines, at walk, trot and canter. These lessons are also at Tower Farm at 2pm on Tuesdays.


Want to practice your jumping and dressage skills and take them to the next level?

Advanced riders should be able to ride multiple horses and ponies confidently at the walk, trot and canter, over a small course of jumps, and through some basic dressage movements such as 20m circles and figures of eight. Advanced lessons will focus on teaching riders more advanced dressage movements and how to ride a Novice dressage test. They will also help riders hone their jumping skills in order to take on larger obstacles and more complex courses. At this level you’ll work hard on your technique, all the while encouraging your horse to work to its best potential too. Advanced lessons take place at 12pm on Wednesdays at Tower Farm. The lessons will alternate between jumping and flatwork each week.