Answers to questions we’re often asked! If you have any questions, look at the ‘Committee’ page for the emails of all our committee members, or send us a Facebook message!

I’ve never ridden a horse before… do you have something for me?

Yes! We have everything from beginners to advanced lessons and can cater for every level of rider. Our beginners lessons are at Tower Farm on Wednesdays at 2pm. If you’re not sure whether or not you’d enjoy riding, our Open Days are the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

I’m only here for semester 2. Can I still join the club?

You can join our club at any point during the year! Just email Phoebe Jones at euec_lessons@hotmail.com to get all the information about signing up for lessons. Unfortunately, you can’t join our BUCS Teams if you’re only here for one semester as our teams are selected in September and competitions run during both semesters. However, you can still have lots of fun at our socials, hacks and lessons! You can get membership for one semester only for £35.

I used to ride a few years ago…

Great! Riding with EUEC is a great way to get back into it! You can ride in our lessons at whatever level you feel most comfortable at as we have everything from beginner to advanced lessons. If you used to compete, consider joining our BUCS teams! Many of our teams riders hadn’t ridden for a few years before our Team Trials. If you’re still comfortable with the idea of riding a Novice level dressage test and jumping 85cm on an unknown horse, there’s no reason you shouldn’t apply to be on our teams!

I don’t have any riding kit. What should I wear?

Tower Farm Riding Stables will be able to provide you with a riding hat, so you don’t need to worry about that! You will need to wear boots/shoes with a small heel (i.e. not trainers) that are not open-toed. Trousers that aren’t jeans are best. Oh and it is Scotland so warm clothing is always a good idea!

When are lessons?

Beginner lessons are at 2pm on Wednesdays.

Novice lessons are at 1pm on Wednesdays.

Intermediate lessons are at 12pm on Mondays.

Advanced lessons are at 12pm on Wednesdays.

All of our lessons are at Tower Farm Riding Stables. You need to book lessons through the club in advance, as we only have a certain number of spaces in each group. Email Phoebe at euec_lessons@hotmail.com for more information.

How do I get to lessons?

Lessons groups tend to get the bus together from the Potterrow Bus stop, across from Ransacked Black Oven. Buses Lothian 7, 37, 47, 67 all go from the city centre to within a 5 minute walk. Get off the bus at Liberton Cemetery bus stop. If you walk away from town and take right turn onto Liberton Drive you will arrive at the stables! Are you a science student? Then the 67 bus passes right by King’s Buildings and the 7, 37 and 47 routes are nearby. Tower Farm is only a 30 minute walk from King’s, so that’s another option, just make sure you’re on time for your lesson!

What is membership?

Membership covers you to ride as many times as you like during the year under the Sports Union accident and safety insurance policy. You’ll then need to pay as well for individual lessons/training sessions with the club. Membership costs £35 for one semester and £45 for the full year. Lessons are £25.50 for an hour lesson and our team training lessons are also one hour and cost £25.

How much does riding at University cost?

Membership costs £35 for one semester and £45 for the full year. Lessons are £25.50 for an hour lesson and our team training lessons are also one hour and cost £25. You can come to lessons as frequently as you wish, there’s no obligation to turn up every week. Teams riders train every Monday night, usually for 10 weeks each semester but all BUCS competitions are free!

How do I know what level of rider I am?

Below is a link to our EUEC riding level guide, which gives a breakdown of the skills learned at each level of our lessons at Tower Farm Riding Stables.